Young living Peppermint oil bottle with a volume of 15 ml .

What is Peppermint Oil and How to Use it for Heat Stress on your Alpacas and other ruminants

Peppermint Oil ( menta piperita) is processed through steam distillation using the whole peppermint plant. The oil has a high menthol content and is used to cool and refresh as well as have an energizing effect for your animals. Other uses for peppermint oil are to promote a healthy respiratory and digestive system as well as soothe aching joints.

EO Peppermint is great to emotionally invigorate your animal’s mind and body when they are feeling down or are dealing with painful ailments. It is great for not so friendly animals too and can help to reset their existing negative moods. Sometimes, just using a drop on your hand making sure to not get it near the animals’ eyes, but letting the animals smell the oil is enough to help reset their minds.  The strong minty smell is what the animals love and are drawn to when dealing with the negative feelings of heat stress.

For alpacas and other ruminants, applying a few drops along the spine from tail to head can help support the animal’s energy, or  2 drops in your hand and applying over the chest to help support the respiratory system can be beneficial. To help with cooling and heat stress, applying 2 drops to the bottom of the animal’s water source first,  then adding the water to disperse the oils throughout the water is a good way to internally help your animals cooling system. Another application can be two drops to their feed to give support to the animals’ digestion hence keeping them from internal stress.

So, in conclusion, there are many benefits to helping your animals by using pure, therapeutic-grade peppermint oil.