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Transitioning Crias to Grain and Hay. What supplements help with Weight Gain

Sharing your oils, Strategies, and a PowerPoint to share.

We want you to be successful in sharing your experience with your Essential Oils and Your Herd. Help me to help you help others in a simple way to bring more friends into your circle of influence.

Let’s Talk Animal Mouth Health. Abscesses, Tongue and Stomach Issues.

We have been researching and looking for a correlation between the mouth and the gut and want to share what we have learned. Come join us on this journey of discovery.

Oh, MY, It’s Costume Time!!

Share and win! Let’s have some fun. We would love to have some funny pictures of your animals. Costumes are desired but selfies are great too. Go have some fun and share your photos with us. I love to give gifts and prizes; it is my love language. So, send your photos to and I will post them at this evening’s fun gathering.

Learn how to be proactive and Get the Best Fiber from Your Animals

We will be discussing great ways to help your animals over the winter and you’re in involvement in getting the best fiber from each animal. Being proactive is the key to long term results

Understand Essential Oils. They are not all the Same and How Do They Work?

Jeanne will be sharing her research on Essential Oils and how they work. Also, all companies are not the same and know what you are using on your animals and yourself.

The Effects of Essential Oil on your Cira’s and the Mom’s immune system, Milk Production and Stress.

Dave and Teri will be discussing the effects of Essential Oil for your Crias and the Mom’s immune system, milk production and if stress is playing a part in all of this. Join us as we dig into what all Essential Oils are helping with your animals.

Zoom Call Classes

“How to control Pest in your Barn and Keep Your Animals From Going Buggy”

Essential Oils and Alpacas

Jeanne Krause and Dave Grembi will talk with us about how to use essential oils on your alpacas. Attendees will gain an understanding of current veterinary trends toward the inclusion of holistic and natural practices in the care of animals, current research regarding the use of essential oils on livestock, actual results from implementation of parasite treatment protocols on alpacas, various grades of essential oils, application techniques, and some common uses for alpacas. In addition, attendees will learn how to get started with essential oils in their own homes and farms.

Dave Grembi and Jeanne Krause

Saturday • July 20 • Seminar
Chattanooga/Memphis Room
2:45 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.